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Workout Wow - Get Your Gear Clean and Stink-Free

1.    Turn clothes inside-out before washing. The sweat, body oils and bacteria accumulate on the inside of the clothing, this ensures the water will reach the nastiness.

2.    Smell wet items before drying. Make sure the odor has been removed from the clothing in the wash cycle, otherwise you will “bake-in” the smell.

3.    Air items out. Do not just toss the sweaty, stinky items in the hamper or laundry basket.  Hang them out to dry a bit so you don’t add mildew to the mix.

4.    Wash immediately after wearing. If you can, wash the items immediately after your workout. And it should go without saying, do not wear the items again until they are laundered.

5.    Use the right tools. In addition to using the correct detergent for the fabric adding a bit of baking soda to the wash cycle will help get the smell out. A pre-soak in cold water and white vinegar can also help get the stink out.

6.    Follow proper laundry protocol. Use the recommended amount of detergent, use the warmest water temperature the fabric instructs, and do not overstuff the machine.

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