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Reducing the Fade:  Keeping Darks Dark

TIP #1:   Do Dark Items Really Need to be Laundered Washing items, regardless of the color, causes a little bit of damage to the fibers every time.  No matter how careful you, wear and tear does occur.  This wear and tear can affect the fabric, which can fade darker colored clothing. So, before you toss the dark colored clothing into the laundry basket make sure it needs to be washed. Look at the guidelines for what to wash when before just tossing something into the laundry.

TIP #2:  Select Correct Water Temp and Wash Cycle When laundering dark items, you should always use the coolest water temperature possible.  Hot water fades items due to how water causing the dye to bleed more quickly than cold water. Additionally, selecting the proper wash cycle for dark clothing makes a difference.  Unless the items are caked with dirt or grime, selecting a gentle or permanent-press cycle for dark colors is recommended.  This is due to the shorter wash cycle and less agitation, cutting down on the damage to fibers.  It is also recommended to use a slower final spin cycle to avoid fiber breakage.

TIP #3:  Use Detergent Recommended for Dark Colors There are detergents that are specifically made for washing dark colored items.  However, if you do not have access or can’t find this type of detergent you can help prevent fading with proper use of other types of detergents. Skip adding a half or full cap of regular laundry detergent, instead add just 1 to 2 teaspoons of detergent for a regular load. Using too much detergent will cause dyes to bleed and can also leave behind a reside in the fibers, which causes the fabric to look dull. It is also recommended to use a liquid detergent instead of powder, undissolved particles from powder detergent can cause the fabric to look dull.

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