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6 Tips to Make Going to the Laundromat a Breeze

But, it doesn’t have to be a tedious chore! A few pre-planning tips can make your visit to the laundromat easy, and uneventful, and hopefully a job you stop dreading each week.  In fact, one bonus to laundry at the laundromat is that it can save you time.  With several washers and dryers available at the same time, you can wash several loads at once.  Which means you can fly through the task, instead of doing one load at a time. With a bit of planning and preparation a trip to the laundromat can be a breeze.

Before You GoSort – Sort your items at home, organize the items by color, water temperature, and size (you don’t want to overload the washers or dryers.  Place the different loads into a pillowcase to keep them separate. Supplies – Double check you have all the tools you need to do your laundry.  Before you head out the door make sure you have your detergent, fabric softner, bleach, etc.  Most laundromats do stock the necessary supplies, (we do) so if you are short on anything you can usually pick it up at the laundromat. Special Offers – It’s always a good idea to check the laundromat’s website or Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to see if there are any special offers.  These discounts can save you some money!

While You are ThereClaim Machines – Plop those pre-sorted pillowcase loads on top of the machines you want to use.  Then, if needed, go grab your supplies or get your laundry loyalty card loaded to purchase the washes.  Laundromat etiquette states that “claiming” washers with clothes on top (or in) means that machine is yours. Instructions – If you are new to the laundromat scan the instructions for proper use of the machine.  (You can even read the instructions at home on some websites, ours has a complete list of using our machines.)  Make sure you are using the machin properly and that you are doing your laundry loads correctly. Stick Around – It is tempting to go run a few errands, or duck down the road for a bite to eat.  However, leaving your clothes unattended is not recommended.  While it’s fairly unlikely anyone will steal your stuff, it is rude to leave clothes in the washing machine or dryer.  If the cycle has ended and is just sitting there it is keeping others from doing their loads and wasting their time. A trip to the laundromat doesn’t have to be painful.  With a bit of preparation and tips you can get through the laundry in a flash. Make sure to check out our website for our monthly specials and our quarterly coupons.  Follow us on Facebook to learn about our super special savings on certain holidays, and finally, visit the location closest to you and see the extras and specials our Loyalty Club Card offers.

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