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5 Summer Laundry Issues and Solutions

Updated: Jun 17

1.    Take Care with the Sunblock

Sunblock is great to keep your skin from burning, but it can ruin your clothes.  The dyes and oils in sunblock can stain your clothing and can also cause colors to fade.  Be sure to immediately rinse out your clothing after you wear them with sunblock to prevent staining or fading.


2.    Check the Insect Repellent

As with sunblock, insect repellant can pose a problem to your clothing.  Some bug repellents contain alcohol, which can damage clothing.  Check the label before using it on your clothing, if it has alcohol in it then it is not recommended to spray directly onto clothing.


3.    Rinse Out Swimsuits

Swimming pools are a staple of summer fun, however large amounts of chlorine are needed to keep the pool algae free and safe for swimming.  Before hanging up the swimsuit to dry after a dip in the pool, rinse it out with cold water to remove chlorine.  Chlorine can damage the fabric of the swimsuit.



4.    Watch the Deodorant

Deodorant is a necessity in the summer heat.  However, deodorant can be very harsh on clothing and cause discoloration or even holes in the fabric.  If possible, launder clothing immediately after wearing or rinse the armpit areas to minimize the damage that can be done by deodorant.


5.    Don’t Let Laundry Pile Up

Summer can be hard on clothes, linens, and swimsuits.  After rinsing out items, it’s best to do laundry as soon as possible, even if it means an extra load or two during the summer season.  Laundering items before stains can set in or the dyes and chemicals can ruin the fabric is recommended.  If you are pressed for time this summer consider a drop off laundry service, this is a great way to make sure your items stay clean and avoid damage and allows you to save time and still enjoy all that summer has to offer.


Soap Opera Laundromats is a Great Solution

Whether you want to wash a small load or a large one, including your comforters and bedspreads, we have a washer size to fit your need.Additionally, we also offer Wash-Dry & Fold Laundry Services because we know you are busy, and your time has a DOLLAR value.  Enjoy your FREE time and Leave your Laundry with us. We’ll have it ready when you return to pick it up; take it home and put in your dresser drawers!

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