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5 Hacks to Help Make the Laundry an Easier Chore

1.    Shop the Labels when Buying Clothes While shopping for clothes, especially for the kids, take time to read the labels.  Select fabrics and washing directions that will make laundry easier.  Fabrics or garments that require special washing may not be a wise move if you don’t want to be tied down with the laundry. Select easily washable items while shopping and cut down on the laundry time later.

2.    Designate a “Wear Again” Section of the Closet How many times have you tried on an item from your closet only to change your mind and toss it onto a chair or the floor.  Or maybe you wore a sweater or jeans once and you tossed the item in with the rest of the clothes, later not knowing if something is clean or not. Designate an area of your closet for clothing that can be worn again.  If you wear something once and you aren’t sure if it should be laundered or worn again, place it in a particular spot in the closet.  Designate a worn already/wear again spot in your closet.  On laundry day you can easily go through these items to see if they need a wash or can be worn again.

3.    Create Drop Zones Get a few easily carriable hampers (or laundry bags, grab one of ours next time you are in!)  Each hamper should be for separate items, clothing, delicates, towels, sheets, etc.  Enforce a few rules, making sure everyone in the house knows what goes in each hamper. Educate your family members to also empty all pockets, zip up all zippers, and treat all stains or attach a pin in the area that needs some stain treatment. These items can then be easily transported to the laundromat and are already sorted so all you need to do is dump into the washing machine.

4.    Implement a Schedule A chore chart is a big help.  Designating a laundry day and then scheduling in when your family members need to strip their bed linens, toss the towels in the hamper, and gather their clothes will make laundry day a breeze. When everyone knows when laundry day is and helps make sure all the dirty laundry is ready to go, no dirty items will be left behind.

5.    Color Code Items Assign each family member a color.  Mark socks, undergarments, shirts, towels, etc. with a permanent marker in their specific color. This way everyone gets their own items back after laundry day. Going one step further, get towels, washcloths, sheets for each family member in their designated color.  So, everyone will easily be able to tell who belongs to what.  Making putting the laundry away a much easier task.

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