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4 Results from Not Washing Your Clothes Enough

1.    Nasty Odors When you don’t wash your clothing as often as recommended, or reasonable, the items may begin to develop some strong smells and unpleasant odors. Including body odor, musty mildew smells from putting clothes away while wet from sweat, etc. If you are wearing clothing to workout in or it’s a hot day and you are sweating a lot, it’s probably a good idea to wash the items after each wear.

2.    Unsightly Stains During a normal day, your body secretes a variety of oils, additionally dribbling your coffee or that spaghetti sauce at lunch will make stains on the items. If you do not treat and launder stains, no matter how small or insignificant, they will set, and you will likely never be able to get the stains out.

3.    Gross Germs Germs and microbes will accumulate on unwashed clothing. The longer you wait to wash something and the more time you wear it the more you are exposing the items to other people’s germs. Germs can and will stick to your clothing. These germs can accumulate over time. Additionally, the more germs on your clothing the more germs you are bringing into your home.

4.    Irritable Skin Issues Body oils, germs and other contaminants that accumulate on your clothing can cause irritation. Depending on the chemicals, germs, or oil acidity you could have a reaction. Resulting in a rash, itchiness, or other illness.

We Have the Solution Soap Opera Laundromats is the first laundromat in the Chicagoland area to have the San-O3-Wash system, making doing the laundry easy and best of all, your clothes get crazy clean every time! If doing laundry isn’t for you, we have a full-service wash/dry/fold drop-off laundry assistance.  Simply drop off your laundry and our team will wash it all, dry it and fold it.  All you need to do is pick it up and put it away!  Learn more about our San-O3-Wash system or our Full-Service Laundry on our website.

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