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4 Reasons to Wash Clothing After Wearing Once

1.    Body Oils and Odors Your body secretes oils during the day, not washing your clothing after wearing, even for only a few hours, will allow these oils to accumulate on the clothing.  This means your clothing can develop odors and stains.  These odors and stains appear most often around the collar and in the underarm area. Avoid the stink and stains by washing clothing after wearing one time.

2.    Skin Issues When oils and bacteria accumulate in your clothing it can create skin issues depending upon the oils and chemicals present.  You can get a rash or even a severe allergic-type reaction.  Keeping clothing as clean as possible will help avoid skin issues from happening.

3.    Germs Germs and microbes will accumulate on worn clothing.  You are out in the world; around other people and your clothing will pick up the germs from others.  The more people you run into the more exposure you have to germs, the more times you wear the same item the greater the exposure to germs becomes.  Washing your clothing after every wear will prevent those germs from building up and getting into your home and on other items of clothing.

4.    Stains Remain If you do not immediately treat a stain the chance it will become permanent increases.    Don’t let stains sit for too long on your clothing.  Even spot cleaning the stain and not laundering the item completely may cause the stain to remain.  Additionally, stains that normally would come out in the washing cycle may not come out if the stain is able to set because the item is not washing immediately.

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