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4 Laundry Myths We All Believe, But Aren’t True

Myth #1 – Hair spray will remove ink stains. This myth originated over 60 years ago and was, at the time, a legitimate stain removal tip.  Hair spray used to contain alcohol, which was what worked to remove stain.  These days, hairspray is very different.  Most hairspray formulas don’t contain alcohol, and some contain ingredients that can make the ink that worse. Fact – To remove ink stains from clothing use isopropyl or rubbing alcohol.  Just dab the spot with a clean cotton ball or swab until it is gone.  If there are still traces of the stain use an oxygen-based bleach with cool water, soak for 8 hours.  Then wash as usual.

Myth #2 – Use more laundry detergent for cleaner loads. This is one instance where more is definitely not better.  Follow the measuring instructions on your detergent and add the recommended amount.  Using more detergent than recommended will redeposit soil onto your clothing and could cause bacteria to grow. Fact – Using the recommended amount of laundry detergent for your laundry load will save you money and will help get your laundry cleaner.

Myth #3 – Hot water kills everything. No matter the water temperature, if you wash items with clothing or linens from someone who is sick you can spread the germs throughout the entire washer.  Hot water alone will not disinfect your laundry. Fact – In order to truly disinfect your laundry, you need to use a disinfectant like chlorine bleach or even pine oil.  This will sanitize both the laundry load and your washer.

Myth #4 – A cup of coffee will keep your dark clothes dark. The is an old wives’ tale floating around that adding a cup of black coffee to the rinse cycle would keep black items from fading.  The truth is, it would take A LOT of coffee to make any difference in keeping dark clothes dark. Coffee can be used to color fabric, you can use it to dye a white or off-white fabric brown, but it won’t keep items from fading. Fact – Simply sorting clothing correctly, washing dark items only when necessary, selecting the proper water temperature, using laundry detergent designed for dark colors, choosing the correct wash cycle, and avoid line drying the item in the sun will help to keep dark items from fading.

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