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4 Fantastic Tips to Make Summer Laundry a Breeze

1.    Wash Swimwear ASAP Whether the pool is in your backyard or you hit the beach, wash the swimsuits immediately.  Skip the sand from the beach and other dirt and debris.  Tossing these wet items into a hamper or pile in the closet will also allow mildew to flourish. Additionally, chlorine is a harsh chemical.  The life of your swimsuits is shortened with chlorine eating away at it, wash items after every swim and keep the bathing togs longer.

2.    Hang Wet/Damp Towels Bathroom towels or pool towels should not be tossed in the hamper wet unless you are doing laundry immediately. Hang the towels to dry, even if you are planning to wash them in a few days make sure you do not let mildew reign with a damp pile of terry cloth.  Wash beach towels immediately upon returning from the beach, don’t risk the sand and possible bugs to enter your home.

3.    Spot the Spot and Spot Clean It If your barbecue was a bit drippy or the ice cream melted faster than your kid could eat it be sure to pre-treat the spot before washing, especially if you are not washing it right away.  Pre-treating all stains will ensure spots are removed in the wash cycle and you can get more life out of your clothes.

4.    Use a Laundry Service Instead of the added chore of laundry why not enjoy your summer and let someone else do your laundry for you?  Laundry services are not as expensive as you think and save you a ton of time. The Wash/Dry/Fold Laundry Service at Soap Opera Laundromats is a great deal, we can even pick up your dirty laundry and drop it off clean if you want to save even more time. Best of all, get a FREE Laundry Bag with a Wash/Dry/Fold Laundry Service load in July. Do not miss out on a single thing this summer!

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