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4 Easy and Inexpensive Laundry Hacks that Work

1.    Use Vinegar for Cleaner Clothes White vinegar is the secret to a cleaner house.  Most homes have a jug of distilled white vinegar in the kitchen pantry, but the next time you are at the store grab one to include with your laundry supplies. Distilled white vinegar helps laundry get cleaner and look brand new with each wash.  Adding a cup of vinegar to the final rinse cycle helps to remove detergent residue and helps get rid of mildew and body odors from clothing.

2.    Get Softer Towels and Whiter Whites with Baking Soda Baking soda has a much bigger job than baking or keeping the refrigerator deodorized.  Grab an extra box for your laundry to boost the performance of your laundry products. Adding baking soda to your rinse cycle is a great alternative to using fabric softener, it will keep your towels soft and fluffy. Baking soda will also help boost the effects of bleach, adding a cup of baking soda to the wash water when using bleach will help brighten dingy whites.

3.    Never Lose a Sock Again with a Mesh Bag Stop the stray sock syndrome and keep those pairs together.  Simply place your socks in a mesh laundry bag when washing.  Just load the mesh bag with pairs of socks and toss into the washer and then dryer.  Socks are forced to stay together, and you will never be without a pair.

4.    Grab the Hair Conditioner to Reverse Shrinkage If you accidentally toss that wool sweater into the dryer you have learned quickly that heat and wool do not mix.  Now that your favorite sweater is too small, you can reverse the effects and “un-shrink” that sweater. Mix a solution of cool water and hair conditioner, place the sweater in this solution and let it soak for around 30 minutes.  Then remove and stretch it back into its original shape and size. The conditioner works to relax the fibers, making it pliable enough to get it back to its original size.

5.    Ice the Wrinkles Away If you have left an item in the dryer too long, or you failed to put it way properly, leaving it in the bottom of the clean clothes basket, you will have wrinkles.  Rather than re-wash the item and start over, simply place the item in the dryer with a handful of ice cubes for about 10 minutes. Once the dryer cycle is complete, remove the item and immediately hang it up.

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