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3 Terrific Tips for Sorting Laundry

STEP 1: Read Labels Clothing labels tell you more than just the size.  Labels will indicate if the item can be machine washed, or if it needs to be hand washed or dry cleaned.  Labels will also indicate the temperature of water and if it is safe to dry in a dryer. Sort items into separate bags or baskets or piles.

  1. Dry Clean

  2. Hand Wash

  3. Warm/Cold/Hot Water

  4. Delicate Wash

  5. Hang Dry

STEP 2:  Sort by Color Once items are sorted by wash type, temperature, machine/hand/dry clean sort the individual piles by color. Wash whites and light-colored items together separate from dark colored items to avoid bleeding and streaking.

Step 3:  Sort by Fabric Now that you have piles for wash type and temperature and color, sort items by fabric type.  For example, white undergarments, tee-shirts, pants should be separated from white towels and sheets.  Never put items that produce lint with items that attract lint together, i.e. don’t wash towels with sweaters.

Organize to Make it Even Easier Most of us have always had one laundry basket or one hamper.  If space allows having several baskets, bins or bags to aid in sorting will save time and help avoid laundry mishaps (washing a red shirt with a white tee-shirt to create a pink tee-shirt!)

Bonus Tip: Our Soap Opera Laundromat laundry bags make it easy to sort your laundry and don’t take up a lot of room.  Ask the attendant at your nearest location (Shorewood customers give us a call) about how you can get a few of your own Soap Opera Laundromat bags.

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