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10 Surprising Things You Can Clean in a Washing Machine

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

1.            Backpacks and Gym Bags

Place the straps of the bag in mesh bag before washing, if you don’t have a mesh bag big enough simply turn the item inside out so the straps are contained. Unzip all the pockets and after the wash cycle hang it to dry completely.

2.            Reusable Grocery Bags

Those reusable grocery bags get unsanitary and need to be laundered every so often. Whether they are vinyl or cloth, simply place the bags in the washer and launder. Hang vinyl to dry, cloth bags can be tumbled dry.

3.            Yoga Mats

Yoga mats can be washed in a machine on the delicate cycle and cold water, lay flat to dry.

4.            Baseball Hats

Most baseball hats can be safely laundered in cold water on the delicate cycle. The brims typically have a plastic core on newer baseball hats. Older, vintage hats typically have a cardboard brim and are not able to be laundered in water.

5.            Curtains

Fabric curtains can be washed in cold water on a delicate cycle, lace curtains should be placed into a mesh bag to prevent tears and sheers can be laundered on delicate also, placing sheers in a mesh bag will protect them as well.

6.            Shower Curtains and Liners

Fabric shower curtains should be washed according to label directions. Vinyl shower curtain liners can be laundered in a washing machine. A wash cycle in a machine will remove soap scum and mildew. Place a few towels in with the liner to prevent tearing. Adding a cup of baking soda along with regular detergent will help remove the soap scum and mildew. Hang to dry.

7.            Bathmats

Launder bathmats on the hottest cycle to sanitize properly. Tumble dry for 30 minutes and then hang to air dry completely.

8.            Pet Beds

Most pet beds have a removable cover that can be laundered per the directions on the tag. However, beds that do not have a removable cover can still be laundered. Start by vacuuming the surface and then wash on a gentle cycle. Put it into the dryer for 10 to 20 minutes and then air dry it the rest of the way before letting your pet back into the bed.

9.            Children’s Stuffed Animals

Children’s stuffed animals can get particularly dirty. However, a wash in the machine is usually safe. If you are concerned about the animals holding up in the wash, simply place in a pillowcase and secure with a rubber band. This will keep the toys together and prevent any tears or rips.

10.         Patio Furniture Cushions

Before putting them out for another year, toss them in cold water on a gentle cycle. Use a pre-wash spot treater to get tough stains out and air dry. If you are putting them away for the season, be sure to air dry completely before storing.

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