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Using a Laundromat

Why Use a Laundromat?

Save Time Getting the Laundry Done Laundromats typically have several washers and dryers in a variety of sizes.  So, while you may have access to a washer and dryer, the ability to get several loads of laundry done at once is a great benefit and a terrific time saver.  A visit to the laundromat can get you caught up on the laundry in just a few hours.

Easily Wash Oversized Items Laundromats usually have a few oversized washing machines and dryers.  This is great for mattress covers/pads, bulky comforters and quilts, and any other item that is large/oversized and washable.

No Excuses to Ignore Finishing the Laundry Be honest, if you do the laundry at home how fast do you fold it and put it away?  Doing it at the laundromat you will be inspired to fold it all right then and there.  Having the laundry clean and folded also makes it easier to put the items away immediately, instead of letting it sit in the basket.

A Bit of “Me” Time Most moms know that even a trip to Target can be like a little get-away from the kids, a mini-vacation.  While do the laundry isn’t exactly a trip to the spa, it is a bit of time to read that book you have been meaning to finish, binge watch that series you want to see, or some time to just sit and relax.

Pre-Laundromat Prep Before going to the laundromat, complete a few items to make laundry even easier to do and to save even more time doing this unavoidable chore.

  1. Make room in the car for the baskets/bags.

  2. Pre-sort items (by color, person, or cycle.)

  3. Pre-treat stains (easy to do while you sort.)

  4. Check the pockets of items, zip up zippers, turn workout wear inside-out.

  5. Do a run around the house one last time to check you haven’t missed any items that need to be washed.

  6. Make sure you have enough detergent and fabric softener (or money to purchase supplies there.)

  7. Review the payment options at the laundromat (do you need coins, credit, cash?)

Skip the Laundry Chore Completely Life is short and time is valuable.  There are a lot of things to get done, so having the laundry chore removed from your To-Do list would be terrific.  At Soap Opera Laundromats we provide full-service laundry.  We will wash, dry, and fold your items for you.  We can pick up the laundry at your home and deliver it back or you can drop it off at one of our 4 full-service locations and pick it up when it’s done. Visit our website page, Wash/Dry/Fold Laundry Service, for more information on this service.

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