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5 Things to Spring Clean This Year

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

1.    Purse/Wallet

If you are still carrying around the gift receipts from Christmas shopping or the empty gift cards, it’s a good time to give the old wallet a once over.  Toss all the expired cards, $0 balance gift cards, receipts, etc. If you carry a purse or bag be sure to do the big dump and sort.  Get rid of the candy wrappers, ticket stubs, old grocery lists, etc.  Replace your lip balm, treat yourself to a new one and toss the old one.

2.    Car (Inside & Outside)

Winter can be rough on our vehicles in the Midwest.  Not only does the salt and dirt accumulate on the outside of the car, but you track it into the vehicle as well.  It’s a good time to scrub the carpets, rinse off the floor mats, and vacuum out the trunk. While you are at it, run the car through the car wash and get that salt and dirt off, the salt can harm the paint so get it off!

3.    Closet & Dresser Drawers

As the weather warms up it’s time to put the heavy sweaters and long underwear away for another season and pull out the flowy, dresses and short sleeves. Be sure to wash items that need it either before putting it away for the season or pulling it out for the new season. Handy Tip:  Our Wash/Dry/Fold services can help save time by laundering these items for you.)

4.    Winter Outerwear

While you may need the winter coat and a hat a bit longer before officially putting it away, make sure it is clean before you put it away until November.  Salt residue on your outerwear can harm the fabric, so it is a good idea to give it a wash before storing it away for the Spring and Summer. Handy Tip:  Our oversized washers and dryers can help with laundering machine washable, oversized coats.  Additionally, our Wash/Dry/Fold services can get this taken care of for you, saving you valuable time!

5.    Bedding:  Comforters/Quilts/Mattress Pads

As the nights get warmer that big comforter is no longer needed, it’s time to get it put away for the year. Make sure to clean it before tucking it away until the cold weather comes back.  While pulling out the lighter blanket/quilt for the warm nights ahead, you may want to give it another wash, just to freshen it up. It’s also a good time to freshen up your entire bedding area by washing the mattress pad and or cover. Handy Tip:  We have $5.00 off our comforter cleaning services (machine washable only) for the entire month of March, be sure to grab our coupon and we can wash it for you, and you can save $5.00 in the process. We also have oversized washers and dryers that will fit your mattress pads/covers.

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