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3 Summer Laundry Tips to Make the Most of the Season

Summer is here! It’s time to bring out your shorts, summer dresses, short sleeves, and beach towels. Here is some advice to make your summer laundry routine a breeze.

1.   Break the Summer Stuff out of Storage

Time to get the summer gear out of the back of the closet and get it ready to wear. It’s time for tank tops, shorts, beach towels, and the lightweight blanket for your bed.

Even if you put your summer stuff away clean last year, it's a good idea to give your clothes and summer bedding a machine wash before adding them to your closet. After six months in storage, they may have accumulated dust that can irritate your skin, especially if you have allergies.

Simply bag everything up and bring it to your nearest Soap Opera Laundromat, we can wash them for you, or you can use one of our oversized machines to freshen it all up at once.

2.   Wash Winter Gear

While you are prepping the warm weather wear for the summer, get the winter gear ready to store away by giving it a good cleaning so you have clean fresh items to unpack in November.

A great way to get the larger items cleaned is to take the items to the laundromat. Use a larger machine and a cycle designed for these items to ensure they're well-rinsed and easier to dry or let the team at the laundromat do it for you.

3.   Rearrange the Closet for the Season

Once you get home with your freshly cleaned laundry, it's time to rearrange the closets. Remove winter clothes and accessories and store them in vacuum bags to save space.

Either store the bags at the back of the closet or put them up in the attic or down in the basement until winter comes back around.

Then hang up your summer garments and get ready for summer fun.

Skip the Laundry & Enjoy the Summer

Soap Opera Laundromat offers full-service laundry services in addition to the DIY laundromat. Our team can tackle the laundry for you so you can make the most of your summer, because let’s face it, summer flies by fast!

Find a location near you and let us handle the laundry for you.

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